Simple Search for Text – Powershell

I was given the task to search which file contained a particular name in a folder that contained about 200 pages of extensions htm and html pages. The webmaster needed to figure out the location of the text in question how many pages were affected so that he can update them right away. What the script does is simple and hopefully it helps someone.

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Creating Adobe reader custom install for deployment

I needed to deploy Acrobat Reader to our client PCs but with some of the settings like auto update, default pdf, shortcut and online features predefined for the users. I learned that Adobe has a great tool which makes the creation of the MST file a lot easier. But before I could use the customization wizard I needed to uncompressed the file and create an administrative install point. Below are the steps I made, hopefully it will help someone else.

  1. Download and install Adobe customization wizard ( make sure your download the version that corresponds to the version of the reader)
  2. Download Adobe acrobat from direct link
    1. for Direct link
  3. Extract the content of the downloaded file to its own folder
    1. Create folder
    2. Open the command line as administrator and enter the following command.
      AdbeRdr11009_en_US.exe -nos_o”C:\Temp\AdobeR1109\AdbeRdr11009″ -nos_ne
    3. The following should be in the extracted folder
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Fail to Clean up the Source Mailbox After the Mailbox Move

Problem description:
Fail to clean up the source mailbox after the mailbox move (Exchange 2010). I was running out of hard drive space on the virtual Hard drives that contained the Exchange databases. The easy solution would be to increase the size which I end up doing any ways. But I found this issue, It so happens that after I moved the mailboxes to a different database from the Exchange Management control neither the Available New Mailbox Space was increasing nor was I recuperating the hard drive space lost. The message I was receiving after the transfer was “ Warning: Failed to clean up the source mailbox after the move. Error details : Mapi Exception Unexpected Mailbox State: Unable to delete mailbox” In investigating the issue, I found out that I had more studs lingering from previous moves.

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How to Change The Default Paste to Match The Destination Formatting in a Word Document

Pasting01In this tutorial you will learn how to change the default paste to match the destination formatting in a Word document. This setup is very useful if you repeatedly copy text from other documents or applications and then paste it to your working document. Setting it up is very simple. Just follow the following steps.

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