How to Add a Contact page to WordPress

  1. Logon to the WordPress console
  2. From the left menu click on Pages
  3. Then click on the Add New button in the Main window
  4. Enter the Title Contact US in the space provided

  5. Click on the button Add Contact Form
  6. Take a look at the way the form looks, in most cases this is all you need. You can add more fields by clicking on the Add a New Field link and edit its properties to the way you like.
  7. Click on Email Notifications, this is where you tell your contact page to which email the request should be sent to. WordPress allows you to add multiple recipients if you like. You can also specify a subject line if you wish. If this section is left blank the emails will be sent to the author of the page. Once completed click Save and go back to form builder
  8. Now click Add this form to my post
  9. Now you are ready to publish it
  10. Testing the form
  11. Sender notification
  12. Email from contact form
  13. If you are not receiving your notifications make sure your correct email is in Users, Personal settings




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