How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars From Your Chrome Browser

As in the tutorial back on July 13, 2011 () In this tutorial you will learn how to remove unwanted toolbars from your Chrome browser that were either installed willingly or accidentally.
Toolbars are Add-ons to internet browsers that get installed in your system while you install either a service or a small program.
In this case, I accidentally installed this toolbar in my chrome browser while installing .  There is nothing wrong with having your favorite toolbar installed in your browser, They do provide you with quick access to your favorite places and a search engine that is specific to the toolbar provider. On the other hand, having a toolbar is not always great as it can cause your browser to slowdown and make your internet experience somewhat frustrating. With the following steps you will be able to remove or disable the toolbar from your Chrome browser.

utorrentToolBar 1. Open your Chrome browser
2. Click on Wrench Icon.
utorrentToolBar2 3. Click on Tools and then Extensions.
utorrentToolBar3 3. Once in the Extensions page, look for the toolbar you wish to uninstall or disable.
utorrentToolBar4 4. Once the toolbar has been identified, you have the option to uninstall or disable the toolbar. for the purpose of this tutorial we will be selecting Uninstall
utorrentToolBar5 5. Now confirm the Uninstall by clicking the Uninstall button.
utorrentToolBar6 6. After the process is complete, restart your browser. You will see the the toolbar is gone.

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