When I visit a Web page in Internet Explorer I receive the following error message?

This issue occurs because a child container HTML element contains script that tries to modify the parent container element of the child container by using either the innerHTML method or the appendChild method. This problem usually occurs if a DIV element is a child container in a BODY element, and a SCRIPT block in the DIV element tries to modify the BODY element that is a parent container for the DIV element.
The simplest way for you to fix this problem is to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer. This issue was corrected and no longer occurs in Internet Explorer 8 and above. To upgrade to latest Internet Explorer version, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
Latest Version of Internet Explorer

To install Internet Explorer Follow these steps:
1. Click on Download now
Windows 7-2011-07-30-15-09-03
2. Click on Run
Windows 7-2011-07-30-15-28-48
3. Click on Yes to allow the program to make changes to the computer.
Windows 7-2011-07-30-15-29-11
4. At this point the program will download and install
Windows 7-2011-07-30-15-30-20
5. After the installation completes, you must restart for the changes to take effect.
Windows 7-2011-07-30-15-33-30
6. Once the computer restarts open your new version of Internet Explorer.
Windows 7-2011-07-30-15-38-30

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