How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars From Internet Explorer

imageIn this tutorial you will learn how to remove unwanted toolbars from the Internet Explorer that were either installed willingly or accidentally

Toolbars are Add-ons to internet browsers that get installed in your system while you install either a service or a small program. Most of these programs bring their own toolbars and even though it is an option this step is easily overlooked during installation. Unfortunately this happens to everyone. The important thing is to know how to remove the rogue toolbar from the internet browser so that it doesn’t come back again. Having more than one toolbar is known to make your browser unstable. One of the most common symptoms is that your browser takes more than the usual time to start. With the following steps you will be able to disable the toolbar or any extension from the Internet Explorer.

image 1. Open Internet Explorer
image 2. Click on Tool and select Manage Add-ons
image 3. On the Manage Add-ons Window select the toolbar or extension you want to disable.
image 4. In this step we will be selecting the toolbar as an example.
image 5. On the bottom right of the Manage Add-ons window select disable.
image 6. On the Disable Add-ons make sure all boxes are checked and then click Disable.
image 7. Now check the Manage Add-ons window. It should display Disable on the status of the toolbar or extension you have disabled.
image 8. Restart the Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect. After the restart, the toolbar should be gone.
Once the Toolbar is disabled it will not show up again unless you enable it again or re-install it. If that happens and you still want them removed just follow the steps again.

One thought on “How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars From Internet Explorer

  1. Awesome tutorial! I was able to fix the problem easily.

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