The Easiest, Fastest Way to Install Software

Windows 7-2011-04-03-15-31-36aWithout difficulty, install an application or multiple applications to a PC that has been restored to the manufacturer settings or a computer that is only running the Windows or Linux operating system. This web application fully automates installers off-screen therefore there is little interaction needed from the user. No registration is needed to use this web application. All you need to do is load the website from your browser, select the application or applications you want to install, get the installer, run it, and wait until it completes the process. This is a very simple and easy to use tool.

In this tutorial I will be installing the following applications: Google Chrome, Firefox, Google Talk, Real VNC, 7-Zip and WinRAR. To accomplish this installation I will be using Internet Explorer since it is a new Windows 7 machine with no other software installed.

Windows 7-2011-04-03-15-31-28
Once you computer is ready, open Internet explorer and browse to
Windows 7-2011-04-03-15-31-36a
Now that you are in the website, let’s start picking the applications.
Windows 7-2011-04-03-15-32-31a
You will be able to choose applications from Web Browsers, Messaging, Media, Runtimes, Imaging, Documents, Security, File Sharing, Compression, Developer tools. Utilities and more.
Windows 7-2011-04-03-15-34-57a
After picking the programs you want click on Get Installer.
You can also recommend your favorite application.
Windows 7-2011-04-03-15-35-11a
You will be re-directed to a confirmation page where the programs you selected will be listed. After you verify your selection, click on Download Installer.
Windows 7-2011-04-03-15-36-15a
When prompted click on Run
Windows 7-2011-04-03-15-37-25a
Click Yes to allow the program to make changes.
Windows 7-2011-04-03-15-38-29a
Now sit back and wait for the installation to complete.
Windows 7-2011-04-03-15-48-27a
Once the installation is completed click close and you are done.
Windows 7-2011-04-03-15-48-43
For more information about please visit their website.

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