Installing Linux Mint 10 (Julia)

Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-35-15
In this tutorial you will learn how to install the Linux based Operating System called Linux Mint 10 (Julia). The installation will be done in a computer which does not have a previously installed operating system.

You can download the Linux Mint O/S from the following website Depending on your system download the 32Bit  or 64Bit version then burn it into a CD or DVD.

Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-19-26 Boot up from CD or DVD media.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-19-47
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-21-04 Once the O/S is loaded, click on the Install Linux Mint Icon to start Installation.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-22-27 The setup will start.Select your language.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-22-38 The setup will check for the minimum requirement.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-22-48 Here Select Erase and use the entire disk.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-22-56 Here it will tell you how much hard drive space will be used for the installation. Click Install Now to continue
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-23-16 Select your Time Zone and click Forward to continue.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-23-44 Now select your keyboard layout. Click Forward to continue.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-26-06 Here you will set up your credentials and name your computer. Make sure you use a password that you can remember. You will be needing this password to log on to the system, make changes, updates and to do new program installations. Click Forward to continue.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-26-29 At this point of the installation all the required updates will be downloaded if the system is connected to the Internet.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-32-19 After the installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-32-48 Make sure you remove the installation CD or DVD from the CD or DVD drive.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-33-40 The system restarts.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-34-33 This is your logon screen.
The password is the one you entered during the installation.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-35-15 This is how your new Linux Mint desktop will look.
Linux Mint-2011-03-12-21-35-44 To learn more about Linux Mint here are some link:

Linux Mint
About Linux Mint
Linux Mint Blog


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