Free Conferencing

FreeConferenceFree Conferencing is a full feature web based conference service that provides  you with unlimited usage with conference up to 1,000 callers per session with out the necessity of reservation. Another great feature is that they also offer support 24/7.

This application is excellent for students who are taking online classes and are required to work on assignments with other students in other states. In order for you to use this service all you need is your name and e-mail address to receive your account and information on how to access it instantly.

To get set up right away, go to and click on the login button.
Once you complete the registration, you will receive an e-mail like the one below. Here you will receive the number where all the callers will be dialing and the number to playback the recorded conferences.
FreeConference1 FreeConference3
This is how the dashboard will look after you login.
To start the conference session just slide the “Live Conference” switch to the on position. Provide all the callers with the Dial-in Number number and the “Participant Code.” You as the host will be dialing the same number with the difference that you will be entering the “Host Code.” Remember not to close the webpage after you have started the conference session. If you do you will be shutting down the conference session without warning.
This is how the dashboard will look once you “The Host” and the “Participants” have logged in.
To record the conference call all you need to do is slide the “Recording” to the on position. All users will be notified that the conference is being recorded.
Once the conference is over and you would like to review what had taken place. switch to the tab named “Conference History and Recording.” there you can play all the recorded session. Here you can also download the recorded audio,
If you would like to listen to the recorded audio online click on the playback icon under the recorded column.

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