How to Remote Control a PC Using !

Pc1In this tutorial you will learn how to use the FREE web application Join.meto remote control a computer in the same network or another location to either collaborate on a project or simply help out resolve certain computer issues.

This is what you will need: Internet connection,and an Internet browser. You will also need the assistance of the remote user.

Note: The remote user will the person who you will be assisting.

For more information about visit their site. Also check out, awesome web application for remote tech support.

Pc0 First, let’s start with the remote pc. Provide the remote user the web address “” and ask him/her to navigate to the website with their favorite Internet browser.
Pc1a Once the website is loaded, ask the user to click on SHARE.


Pc2 The application will be launched.
Pc3 When prompted with the security warning the remote user should click RUN.


Pc5 The small software will be downloaded and temporarily installed.
Pc6a At this point the remote computer is ready. Ask the remote user to give you the code number assigned to session. You will need this number to connect to the remote computer.
Pc7 Your screen will look something
like this.
Pc8 Enter the code provided by the remote user in the field next to join, and then click JOIN.
Pc9 At this point the local computer will initiate the connection.
Pc10 Now you can see the remote computer, but still not able to control it. In order to do so, you will need to request access to the remote computer and the remote user will need to grant it.
Pc11 To request control of the remote pc. Click on the mouse icon and then click on Request Control.
Pc12 The remote user will receive the request. If the remote user agrees to grant you control the user will click YES otherwise NO.
Pc13 After the user clicks YES, you will have control of the pc as if you had it in front of you.
Pc13a To close the session, simply click on the x or close your browser. If the remote user closes the session by accident, you will have to do all the steps over again. On the other hand, if you close your browser all you need to do is go to and enter the same code for the session. That is, if the remote user has not closed the session as well.

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