Set Window 7 as the Default OS after Dual Boot Installation.

Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-49-32In this tutorial you will learn how to set Windows 7 as the default OS when dual booting with Ubuntu.

“Remember to Back Up all of your Documents, Pictures, Music and Video Media into a CD, DVD or External Hard Drive in case something goes wrong during the installation.”

Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-15-44 Log in to Ubuntu.
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-44-26 First go to Applications, and select Ubuntu Software Center.
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-44-46
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-44-58 On the search area type boot. You will get two choices. For this tutorial we are choosing StartUp-Manager. double click to select.
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-45-09 Now, click Install
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-45-25 At this point you will be prompted to authenticate to install the software. The password should be the same as the one for your login id. After entering the password click on Authenticate.
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-46-10
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-46-42 Now lets look for the installed software. Click on System then Administration and Click on StartUp-Manager.
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-46-50 You will be asked to enter your password again to perform administrative tasks.
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-46-58
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-47-50 On the Boot options tab select the dropdown box under Default operating system.
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-47-55 Select Windows 7.
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-48-39 Click Close to save changes.
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-48-42
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-49-04 Now, lets re-tart the computer.
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-49-15 Just click restart If you get this message.
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-49-32 When the system starts, Windows 7 will be selected as default. at this point either press enter or allow the 10 second time to expire for the system to load.
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-49-54
Clone of Dual Boot Win7-Ubuntu-2011-01-01-19-50-22 Now every time you start your computer there will be no need to select Windows 7 since is the default operating system.

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