Dual Booting Window 7 and Ubuntu

Win7-UbuntuIn this tutorial you will learn how to install a second O/S on a pre-installedWindows7system with one partition. The second O/S that we will be installing is Ubuntu 10.10from a CD or DVD.

“Remember to Back Up all of your Documents, Pictures, Music and Video Media into a CD, DVD or External Hard Drive in case something goes wrong during the installation.”

Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-18-53-46
First we will setup the computer BIOS to boot up from the optical drive. Once set press F10 to save and exit.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-18-56-26 Once you reach this screen select and click Install Ubuntu.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-18-57-07 Check Download updates while installing. Click Forward to continue.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-18-57-38 Here is where you tell the Installation to install the new operating system alongside Windows 7. Select the first option. Click Forward to continue.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-18-58-09 Here you will see how much hard drive space will be used for the new installation. If you want to reduce or increase the amounts you may do so by moving the slider located in the middle of the two partitions. Click Install Now to continue.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-18-59-46 Here you will be notified that the changes cannot be undo. Click Continue.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-00-14 Select your Time Zone and click Forward to continue.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-00-24 Now select your keyboard layout. Click Forward to continue.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-02-57 Here you will set up your credentials and name your computer. Make sure you use a password that you can remember. You will be needing this password to log on to the system, make changes, updates and to do new program installations. Click Forward to continue.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-03-23 At this point of the installation all the required updates will be downloaded if the system is connected to the Internet.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-08-46 After the installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-12-06 Make sure you remove the installation CD or DVD from the CD or DVD drive.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-12-16 This is your GRUB boot up screen. Here you will see the Ubuntu and windows 7 partition. The Default O/S will be set to Ubuntu. The boot up screen will give you 10 seconds to make a selection. Select Ubuntu and press ENTER.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-13-42
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-15-44 This is your Logon Screen.
The password is the one you entered during the installation.
Ubuntu-2011-01-07-13-49-17 This is how your new Ubuntu desktop will look.
Ubuntu-2011-01-07-13-50-25 Now, let’s re-start the system and boot up Windows 7.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-17-34 With the arrow keys, move down the list and select the Windows 7 partition.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-14-042 You will see  a consistency check  message. Windows will perform a check of the hard drive because its partition was changed. Let it finish. DO NOT stop it. This step will only occur the first time you boot up to Windows 7 after the installation.
Clone of Windows 7-2011-01-01-19-18-25 Now you are ready to log on to Windows 7.

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