Windows 7 Installation

Windows 7-2011-01-01-14-59-34In this tutorial you will learn how to do a new installation of the Windows 7 Operating System. You will need a Windows 7 DVD media with its Product ID.

“Remember to Back Up all of your Documents, Pictures, Music and Video Media into a CD, DVD or External Hard Drive in case something goes wrong during the installation.”


Boot up Is a bootstrapping process that starts operating systems when the user turns on a computer system.
Upgrade Installation Upgrade will upgrade to a newer version of Windows retaining all your files, settings and programs.
Custom Installation Custom will install a new copy of Windows by erasing your hard drive.
Partition A logical partition, commonly called an LPAR, is a subset of computer’s hardware resources, virtualized as a separate computer.
Logon Screen Is the process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identification of the user using credentials provided by the user.
Operating System An operating system (OS) is an interface between hardware and user, which is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the resources of a computer
Windows 7-2011-01-01-14-58-08 Boot up from Windows 7 DVD media.
Windows 7-2011-01-01-14-58-45 Windows setup will start.
Windows 7-2011-01-01-14-59-17 Select the your language
Windows 7-2011-01-01-14-59-34 Click Install
Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-00-15 Accept the license terms
Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-00-22 Select
Upgrade Installation
Custom Installation

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-00-22For this tutorial will be choosing “Custom (Advance)”.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-00-31Select the partition where the operating system will be installed.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-00-41Windows will begin its installation.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-12-15The setup will prompt to restart the system after all the installation files have been copied.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-13-04The System is restarted

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-13-24The setup will start the needed services.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-13-36Setup will continue with the setup.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-17-36After completing the installation the system will need to re-start.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-18-05Windows restarts.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-18-35

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-18-46

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-20-12Now you will be typing your name and giving your computer a name as well.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-21-37Here you will be entering your password.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-24-07Now you will be prompted to type the Product key that came with Windows 7.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-24-44In this screen for this tutorial we will select Use the recommended settings.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-25-02Here we will select the Time Zone, Date and Hour for your system.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-25-37Here you can select the type of network where your computer will be connected to.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-25-43For this tutorial we will be using Home Network.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-26-46Windows will finalize the setup.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-27-14The setup will prepare your Desktop.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-28-30This is what your desktop will look like.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-28-45Its important that you update your system after installation. After the updates are installed you system will prompt you to restart.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-34-01The system now needs to shutdown to install the updtates.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-35-17At this point it will configure Windows with the new updates.

Windows 7-2011-01-01-15-35-28Once it restarts. you will be taken to the Windows logon screen.


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